Welsh Chocolate Medals

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A Box of 35 Welsh Chocolate Medals—a perfect blend of patriotism and indulgence. Each medal is a tribute to iconic Welsh symbols, making it a gift that's close to the heart of every Welsh person.

First, we have the Y Ddraig Goch, the Red Dragon, a symbol of Welsh courage and a staple on our national flag. Next is the Daffodil, capturing the essence of Welsh beauty as our national flower. The collection also features the intricate Welsh Celtic cross, a nod to our rich heritage dating back to 1056 AD. Rounding it off is the Prince of Wales's plume of feathers, an emblem that's synonymous with Welsh royalty.

Handcrafted in both milk and dark chocolate, these medals offer a feast for your tastebuds. To elevate their luxurious feel, each is brushed with a shimmer of gold.

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