Welcome to Welsh Luxury Hamper Co. where we curate the finest selection of delectable delights from the stunning Welsh countryside. As the founder, my passion for showcasing the exceptional produce of Wales led me to create this platform. Our mission is to support and uplift the incredible Welsh producers, who pour their heart and soul into crafting unique and high-quality products. By promoting their offerings, we aim to celebrate the rich flavours and traditions that make Wales so special.

The Journey:

In my personal journey, I faced challenges when my diagnosis of dyslexia posed obstacles in setting up this business. However, with support from the Prince's Trust, I was empowered to transform my vision into reality. Their guidance and assistance provided the foundation for Welsh Luxury Hamper Co. inspiring me to champion local talent and share their remarkable creations with the world.

Join us on this culinary adventure through Wales, as we not only savour the delectable treats but also celebrate the resilience of our cherished producers. Together, let's create countless moments of joy and appreciation for the treasures that Wales has to offer.

Abi x

Award winning

We were honoured to be asked to film with the UK Government for International Women's Day. Watch this video to hear more about Abi's story:

The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust has played a huge part in our business journey and helped turn our idea into a business. Watch the video below to find out more!